The Nature Building Project consists of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, research sessions, videos, stories, meetings and several beautiful, interactive installations called the Natural Building Kits.


This is your building kit. The kits are detachable installations consisting of modular wooden frames. These can be connected to different constructions, a house, a tower, a neighborhood, you name it. All kinds of sustainable building materials can be clicked into the frames. These materials form the walls, floors and roofs of the building.

Do you want to find out more about the materials? All materials have labels that indicate what it is and who made it. It also contains QR codes that refer to more information about the material concerned.

You can make 1 building with 1 kit, but you can also use multiple kits to create larger structures or even neighborhoods.

The great thing about the kits is that people have the materials in their hands and can also place and remove them in the building as they see fit. This way you not only think about new possibilities, you also see, smell and feel them.


A Nature Building Kit also includes storytelling about the materials. We have storytellers who give live explanations and solve questions.

Each storyteller has a professional storytelling background and can enthusiastically tell people the story and answer their questions in Dutch and English. (for German, French, Spanish or any other language, please contact us, our network is quite good)

Not only are our storytellers trained in the materials, they also know the challenges and necessities of the broader perspective of circular building and living.


You can book a kit with a storyteller for your event, meeting or gathering. It is also possible to have a workshop or lecture in which the storyteller takes the attendees along in the possibilities of sustainable construction.

The Nature Building Project is adaptive and modular. This means that we can always determine the right parts, amount of information, language and level of interaction per assignment and per audience.


With Nature Building Lab we want to create a sustainable way of transferring knowledge. If we teach de workshops ourselves, the teaching stops when we end the workshop. That’s why we’re choosing a different route: a lab in which we invite teachers to use their teaching expertise by creating workshops themselves that they can give to students and teach to other teachers and workshop providers. We work with the each one teach one method. In addition, we involve education professionals and companies to think about the content and application of the workshops. The starting point of the lessons/workshops is the Nature Building Kit, a wonderful storytelling tool for biobased materials.

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