The Nature Building Project is modular and adaptive. This means that we always determine the right elements, amount of information, language and level of interaction per assignment and per audience.

There are four different flavors we like to present to you. This gives you an idea of ​​possible formats. We would be happy to discuss a suitable offer.

30 – 60 min 

A professional storyteller takes you through the story of biobased building. Why is this important? What is possible today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? Together we dive into new perspectives for sustainable building and living. We will discuss the opportunities and bottlenecks while you see, feel and smell the materials.

90 – 150 min 

During this workshop you will experience what it is like to build biobased. Form a basic construction first. Which materials do you choose for the walls, floors and roofs? Experience the beauty of the materials as you discover more about the changing value chain it is part of.

1 uur – x days

Present the Nature Building Kit during your event. The visitors can hold and feel the materials and a storyteller will answer all questions. The dialogue that follows helps your visitors to understand the changing system we face today. It is also possible to insert short plenary presentation moments, or, for example, to open with a keynote.

Research Exhibition
1 week – x months

Go one step further with a research exhibition.

This is the most extensive format of the Nature Building Project because here we add materials to the installation. We set up a research program in which we work together with local designers and local material producers to showcase what is possible on that specific local level. By local we mean, the chosen area. This can be a country, an region, a city, but also the area around a certain company e.g. 

We collect all the materials and the stories of the makers and showcase everything in an exhibition. The form of the exhibition can differ but we always use the Nature Building Kit as a central eyecatcher. 

Be inspired by Building with Nature, our research exhibition in collaboration with Erasmushuis in Jakarta where we invited 21 Indonesian designers to share their materials and stories.