The Nature Building Project offers an interactive and experiential way to get people of all ages, backgrounds, education levels and worlds to think and act in building a greener world for everyone.

The Nature Building Project is an international, creative research program on sustainable building. In the program, we develop installations, exhibits, workshops, videos, live storytelling and other creative outcomes. 

Our focus is on biobased and circular materials, techniques and applications for the building and living of tomorrow. Within the program we connect designers, product developers, builders and educators with each other. We create our work for clients of all sorts like museums, festivals, institutions, companies and more. We either rent out our existing work or we create on demand. 

The past few years we developed work, connected experts and inspired audiences in The Netherlands, Belgium, Malta, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Canada.

The Nature Building Project started in 2022 with the creation of the Nature Building Kit, which still travels to events, museums, schools and other places where it can provoke thought, insight and impact.