The Nature Building Kit

This is your building kit. 
The kits are detachable installations consisting of modular wooden frames. These can be connected into different constructions, a house, a tower, a neighborhood, you name it. All kinds of sustainable building materials can be clicked into the frames. These materials form the walls, floors, insulation and roofs of the building. We even have materials that show how we can capture water or grow plants with our buildings. 

All the materials have labels that indicate what it is and who made it. It also contains QR codes that refer to more information about the material concerned. We have over 40 materials that we showcase. Find more information on

You can make 1 house with 1 kit, but you can also use multiple kits to create larger structures or even neighborhoods.

The great thing about the kits is that people have the materials in their hands and can also place and remove them in the building at their own discretion. In this way you not only think about new possibilities, you also see, smell and feel them.

We often combine the Kit with a storyteller or with a workshop.

The Exploded View Materials & Methods

The Exploded View Materials & Methods is a 1:4 scale house showcasing biobased and circular materials and building techniques.  It is very suitable for museum exhibitions or long-term presentations

The Exploded View stands for a radical new look at the realization of a home: pulling apart and dissecting the endless number of applications found in a house, in order to rebuild them using circular methods and biobased materials. The materials and applications of today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Every material has a QR code linking the material to information about production processes, the makers, availability and sustainability.

We often combine The Exploded View Materials and Methods with a storyteller or a workshop.

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