Sustainable building is a constantly evolving sector where people of all different worlds can come together and have valuable input. Installations big and small can help to inform and inspire.


In recent years, artists Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man have built up an enormous network of people, materials and knowledge with their installations The Growing Pavilion and The Exploded View. These iconic installations show the possibilities and beauty of sustainable building and have already touched many visitors and media.

Pascal and Lucas have learned two important lessons over the past few years.
1. With story and imagination you can involve people much more in the search for the next step.
2. That next step is bigger than ever because we are all at the beginning of a major system change with a change in the way we build as just one of the links.

Building a sustainable future for everyone. That’s what it’s all about.”

We are going to a different way of harvesting, sowing, building, producing and living. Whether we like it or not. It can no longer continue as it used to be, everyone is convinced of that, but how and what are we going to change? That’s the question. We are moving to a different value system and we don’t know if it will be more rosy than the old one. We do know that it should lead to a greener world and preferably one in which everyone can participate and not just a small group.

How do we achieve that more sustainable, greener, circular world for everyone? That is the question that Pascal and Lucas and the rest of their team are tackling in the Nature Building Project.


The goal of the Nature Building Project is to get people of all ages, backgrounds, education levels and worlds to think and act in shaping that greener world for everyone. To achieve this, they use story, imagination, network, knowledge sharing and research. People are taken as interactively and experientially as possible into what it is and means to build and live sustainably. We do not say how to do it, but show possibilities to inspire people and to invite them to participate in thinking and doing. In addition, with the Nature Building Project we want to expand the existing network of 150 organizations from construction, agriculture, policy, design, education and art and to deepen existing research in order to create broad and well-founded support for the search for a sustainable future for everyone.