Family exhibition in NEMO Science Museum: What a building! 
From July 9 to October 30, 2022

There is a lot to consider when building a house. The house itself must be sturdy, there must be room to put it down and you must be able to live in it comfortably. Would you like to live in a bicycle caravan? And how do you build sustainably?

This family exhibition in NEMO Science Museum is all about building, living and houses. Do your research and find out what kind of technology is hidden in the walls of a house. Take a look at the future, where we can print concrete, make building materials from waste and leave the heavy lifting to robots.

“Visitors can work for themselves in the temporary exhibition. In the house of today they discover how houses are built and what is hidden in the walls of a house. At the construction site they investigate the strength of a foundation and the construction of a house.” says Esther Hamstra, exhibition maker NEMO Science Museum.

In NEMO City, attention is paid to new materials and sustainable solutions. This part of the exhibition was developed by Company New Heroes. “In this interactive setup you can build your own biobased house with panels of natural materials. This way you get to know special raw materials such as mycelium, cork, algae, seaweed, kombucha and egg”, says artist Lucas De Man. “We must work together towards a sustainable, circular world. Circular and biobased construction is therefore already possible!”